Monday, May 14, 2007

A-level mode

Olla, 1 more week n i'll be in d A-level examination...right! tension mode is everywhere...just having sum accute migrain on d left frontal lobe.gosh..barely x see da light..ouch!!!
perhapz i'd took caffein yesterday..
physic exam just now..paper 1 is ok..but i screwed up when it comes to paper 2..uh oh..
teachers' day was 3 days ago..for da 1st time, i could see da co-orperation n humour inside da, especially my pure maths teacher..n i'm eager enough to learn flash wit da sc was kind of cool clip.
having sum conflict wit one of my buddy.yeah..hope he realized of what he've done before.tend to keep it actually, but i makes me feel worse..though he critisized me on my certain bad attitude(yeah..nobody perfect!) haha..
hrm...smell sumting fishy wit one of my clique..but nevermind. won't bother bout sum1's private life unless he like to share it.yesterday, we're having doe briefing session..haha..x wait to da real expedition though it will be just sumwhere in group..i think..all in da S size even da boys..ahakz..
missing my family so much...
kay..keyboard off...too much intensity running through iris..made my retina kind of left frontal lobe ..8-er