Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Huu, i've to skip my biochemistry class just because of some stupid car sticker case.
i came to Uni around 10 mins before class. Then, at guard house, the guard were doing their duty. For sure i got to stop coz i've no sticker. Have to deal with the clerk at the guard house. There,a lot of other student applying for the sticker.
Here's my conversation with her:

Me: kak , nak apply sticker , tolong cepat sikit ye, saya ada kelas sekarang ni.
Clerk: Adik ni baru ke tau nak renew sticker.
Me: Baru..
clerk: Year berape?
Me : 1st year dan saya duduk luar , rumah dekat
clerk:Eh, 1st and 2nd year x boleh bawak kereta, Kene ade surat dr baru boleh bawak
Me:Eh, habis tu, yang 'leave off campus, or yang duduk kat IM 2 atau 6??
Clerk: Motor je boleh bawak
me: erm, kalau saya hanya ade lesen kereta macam mana??
Clerk: itu saya tak tahu. Sekarang adik kene jalan kaki la ke kelas

It was already 20 mins there, and i have to walk to the class which takes me almost 30 mins coz my departmnt was very at the end of the other side..
Huh.. Therefore i just skip it, rather than make my lecturer mad. Plus i'm not that well today.

Don't their consider at all for student who leave off the campus even the 1st year. What a system?, allowing motorcycle but not car. Thats not fair for those who don't have motorcycle licence(including me). i've to get a senior to get the sticker for me. Thats totally unfair.
For 1st year, only the students who got Dr's recommendation can be allowed to have a car. In this case, do i have to fake my health condition???