Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ok..not much today...
Just nak comment bout service in some restaurant here in M' be specific , my hometown..
Argh..i'm sick of it.

Ait, we went out for dinner at
Order some food..yeah, totally hungry dat time.
So, the problem here is, it was delivered late( i mean the food) ..its just kwey teow tomyam..not a big deal to make it. But,i've to wait about 40 mins to have it served in front of me..

Ayyoh..meraselaa makan yg org lain nye sket2 sementare tunggu food itu sampai..
Not much customer that time..
i'm pissed off when he(the waiter) didn't apologised bout the lateness..
He even smirk at me not gonna eat here again after dis
nih dialog yg kte igt:

me: Adik, lambat nye sampai, org lain dah hbis makan dah ni..
him: xpe kak, biar lambat asal slamat..[he gone away]

What kind of manners is that?? he should apologised and not 'acting funny'.
where's the 'SORRY' word gone??
He acted like it wasn't his fault..I'll give u 0/10 for attitude bro!!

If this is the ur customer being treated..jgn haraplaa bisnes nak maju..

Monday, October 6, 2008


Saye suke travel kerana:
1. Suke tengok tempat orang secare 'LIVE'
2. Boleh tangkap gambar yang aneh dan best
3. Jumpe saudare mare dan rakan-rakan dan kawan baru
4.Merasela juge ke tempat orang
5. Speed..yeeeha~(merasela kene saman dek speed trap tgh jalan)
6.Tengok bintang2 waktu malam
7. Shopping
8. Cari pengalaman

Saya x suke travel sebab:
1. Packing
2.Traffic jam time raye

She told me...

During Aidilfitri celebration, we loved to visit our relatives.Yup...Haven't seem them quite a long time. As for the kids (i mean people who aged 12 and below) , its time for duit raya..yeay!!
Meeting and eating kuih raya and special dishes(bet, i'm gaining weight after this...)

Hokay...Last Saturday , we went to Atuk Cu's house somewhere in PJ.
Wan Cu was as happy as usual. I adore her~
Her birthday was on 2nd Oct.Happy belated birthday ait.
So..we ate her yummy2 birthday cake made by her friend..It was sweet...

Daddy wanted to taste it.But i remind him bout his health condition.

me : Daddy, not so much occay~
dad: [smile and took another spoon of it]

me : Daddy....
dad: ...[smile again and ate it]
me : hurmm..[continue eating]

Then, suddenly Wan Cu pat me slowly and said. : Teh, let him eat..
me : But, he got.... : He know his condition better than you dear. Of course he's conscious bout his health.
No worry, he know what to do.
me : Dr told me to.. : Teh ,listen. Having a sickness ain't a happy thing.
When i was young i did the exact things that u did just now .My mum was ill, yet she still wanna do the dishes. I asked her to do nothing except rest and she said...
"Eh eh, duduk dekat rumah kamu ni macam tetamu pula",[she left me with sad face]
I realized that she was hurt with my word. From then on, i let her do what ever she want. And i'm happy to see her happy doing it.
me : Uuurmm[OMG what hav i done daddy hurt?? although he's smiling just now? what
does the smile mean?] My intention is just want her to relax, but end up, i hurt her feelings.i'm guilty wit it and don't want you to repeat the same mistake.
me: Alright wan Cu, i won't do it again. Promise. Take a good care of ur dad ok?
me : ait..Noded my head.

It is good to be conscious bout our parent's health. But, don't overdo it as if you were their Dr.
Make them happy when they're still here,alive .Show them how much we love them.
Sorry dad.I didn't mean to hurt you.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love cats..Meeoww!!!

I managed to snap their action with my Pentax Optima.Enjoy~

One day...i want to be....eeoooWw!
I'm locked up...isk3

Motif ko nak pose manje2??


lemme out of here..GRRr~

Syyhh...he's sleepingwhere is that mice?