Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wednesday blues

People, i'm back.. huhu.. hiatus for a while..
Although at home now, still have work to do, so ,no time to face this lappy and online unless for important matters.
Yeehaa.. Almost two weeks studying biomed in Kuantan, yet not many friends i gained. Ahakz.. Need to adapt with it.or just live with it.
The Worldview lecture always make me yawn.. uh ohh..huaargh.see.. i did it again.

The schedule here is pretty weird. we're free on Wednesday and Saturday only. 7 hour class on Sunday. UUUU, this schedule ruins my plan on weekends.
Feeling like dropping the Halaqah session~

Well,at office now. i mean mum's office. Done with the video .Just need to email it to Farah.. Farah chan,really sorry for the delay:S
Mahu tengok Public Enemies di pawagam.. unfortunately, its not in Kuantan right now:(

Thursday, July 16, 2009


2 days without class=boring
1 day full of class=tiring
1/2 class in a day=just nice
Ahakz.. my 1st week in Kuantan campus.
Met Ameera here..and yes, she's my course mate.
Its totally different environment compared to Gombak..or i'm still in adapting mood here
Somebody, knock my head please..hehhehehe
Fathin called me this evening.. yeah sis.. u made my day.. i miss u babe.. i miss u.. And to Anam.. get well soon yeah..
Hanan n Ayu..Miss u guys too..
Cekak Hanafi Gombak members, i'm really sorry coz unable to join u guys for wajadiri this coming 26.. i hope i can be there to give support..
Not in a full spirit now.. aiiyyoo..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Econs to bio

Ait.. Now dekat lab.. penat berjalan kaki nagn Mira nak cari kelas.. Hehehe, terase junior semule ..
Dah jumpe kelas,tunggu masa untuk kelas bermula.. Konpem lepas ni bawa bekal siap2. Cafe jauh.

Di kampus Kuantan... belajar sebagai student biomedical science..
Kawan2 di Gombak sane.. Teh minta maaf ye if ade silap salah, luaran n dalaman..
Insyallah.. free2, Teh melawat ye..

Update kemudian. tibe2 tiade idea..