Wednesday, February 25, 2009

'I am'

Having fatigue, i bet due to imbalance diet. I'm not on diet. I mean the type of food i take for meals. I haven't eat rice for 2 days..The sisters in the room called me anak omputih coz i used to eat bread.. Funny ait~

Anyway.. last night i'm having a fun session with the PGG members. We played game'i am..'
We have to draw an object symbolize ourselves and then told em 3 things we hate and likes..

Its good to know their opinion on us.Sometimes they can see us better than ourselve although they don't know us for a long time.

Next we played ...suitable job for me..i named the game coz i don't know the real name. All the member have to choose a suitable job for others..
results.. Majority of em thinks that i'm gonna be a psychologist...hurm....
Am i ????

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cloudy Tuesday...

Berjaye..berjaye dan berjaye~
succeed to contact Haikal~ Thankz to...(secret)
Wanna meet him whenever we free.. Acap, Nana..come n join us!!

Alright.. have a slight headache today. Quite unproductive as i stayed in the room for too long. Have this updating matrix card event but i don't even bother coz i don't even know when it started..All i know is tommorrow is the dateline... Haish..

Wanna go home to celebrate Ilya's birthday on the 1st March, but this BTN thingy ruined my plan.UUhhh!!!

Fathin might be my roommate for the next sem. ..including Hanan.. Hehehe

I wanna watch Slumdog millionaire.. sounds like interesting as they won 8 out of 10 in Oscar...i guess its worth to watch.

Gotta continue with the assignment on Accounting,ICT and Microeconomics this week...
Lalalalala...So much to be i kept on delaying my work..muahahaha,u deserve it!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tahniah untuk Hurul~

minggu ini agak sibuk..
Semalam berchatting seketika dengan Mai... Dan untuk pengetahuan STFians sekalian..
Hurul bakal melangsungkan perkahwinannya pada 28/2/2009 ini..
Tahniah untuk Hurul~:)
Sedang menunggu rakan2 akaun untuk perbincangan berkenaan dengan tugasan yang bakal dihantar pada Jumaat depan.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kulit kayu manis~

Sabtu lepas...Teh makan2 dengan kakak2 sebilik.
Kami selalu makan bersama. Seronok juga sebab kakak2 teh nih sangat baik dan kelakar.
Tengah2 makan ,Teh garu2 hidung. Sangat gatal..Akak2 mule buat speku..'Teh ade resdung..Teh allergic dan sebagainye..' Merah laa hidung Teh macam badut~

Tibe2 akak D masuk bilik dan keluarkan serbuk Kulit Kayu Manis dang ketulan2 bedak sejuk..Meraselaa Teh pakai bedak sejuk. hihihihi..Terkial2 tanye care nak pakai. Kantoi x pernah pakai sebelum nih.. Jadi setelah diajar, Teh pakai. Mula2 xde ape2 . Rase menarik sebab 1st time. Nampak cm sapu tanah kat muka.
Beberapa minit kemudian...

OOOUUCCHHH!!!! Muke teh pedih, esp. kat tempat Teh garu(hidung)..Wah
panas + pedih=hilang laa gatal

Setelah beberapa minit. Teh Basuh sebab dah x pedih lagi.
Then akak D turunkan petua:
KKM(kulit kayu manis) berupaya menghilangkan jeragat dan juga parut.. jadi bolehlaa cuba ye...
AMARAN: kuantiti KKM yang banyak menyebabkan kulit pedih tak terhingga..
Jangan paki tengah hari.. boleh merah2 kulit anda

Catatan 1 minggu

Sangat lama tidak update blog.. Jadual test dan exam yang tidak menentu.. Sabar aja
Aktif balik(kemungkunan besar) dengan silat..Hehehee

Minggu lepas:
Sabtu - Keluar barsama-sama Muiz dan Apis dan lain2.
Pergi midvalley..mengalami kesesakan lalulintas yang teruk(5 kereta kecelakaan)
Tengok cerita Pink Panther..
Pergi tengok kedai Haiwan peliharaan.. Tertarik dengan kure2 yang comel~
Owh kure2!!! Kamu comel!!
Apis membeli enche ketam.

Ahad- Mid term microeconomics pagi2 -jam 8
Muiz hantarkan bersama Apis_terima kasih banyak2:)
Terus cabut selepas habi jawab soalan dengan yakin 80%
Naik LRT ke damai seterusnye join Silat nye kursus
Agak menarik
Berpeluang mengenal orang2 utama dan rakan2 silat se-UIA
Balik selepas makan malam bersama2 di luar .

Isnin-Khamis- Kelas

Rabu- Buat temu janji dengan mama di KL Sentral.
Makan nasi ayam bersama2. Seronok sebab lama x jumpa mama.

Jumaat- Mid Term ICT...

Sabtu-tidak produktif sebab malas
Ahad -Berjalan2 di sekitar Gombak

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ouch ouch ouch

Ouch3... hope i didn't mess up with my B.maths quiz after this...
This is the 2nd time it happened. I got menstrual cramps during Examination or quiz... sad, coz definitely my attention will get distracted with the pain. Last time i got vry low mark for the test. x because of i x study,but the pain:(

Wanna meet mum in KL Sentral at 6. Hope dis cramp will go away fast...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stats and accounting

Alhamdulillah, just done mid sem exam for statistics and account quiz 2. Fuhh..
Suddenly i miss Mr Mike, Mr Highton, Pn Sheila n Pn Ju. Gonna thank em for what they thought before in maths.

Qillote, if u read my blog. Just wanna tell u that i found ur twin here.Her name is Min, doing IT. 1st i thought it was u , but hehehe, i was wrong. She sat beside me in an Account class. Hehehehe
i'll try to candid her pic and post it here yeah...

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Finnish with the BTN . Just a 1 day session...but yeah, boost up inner patriotic inside( a lil bit). Overall. i think the input is good. N the people who give the speech is very good, they know how to attract the audience.Although there is one session that almost make me dozed off. yet i manage to overcome it by..sms..hhehehe

Hurm.. kind of annoyed with few sisters behind me. I know,the session is boring. but puhhleezzz...Respect the one who's talking in front. U don't have to show up ur boredom by mocking him at the back and talking out loud.. Its annoying..people around u hated it.. Don't be selfish sisters or may i call them 'bitches'. for bitching around, showing they're kind of superb people.(its ANNOYING!!)

Even my friend beside me complaint bout them-she told me she wanna put stapler at their mouth to keep em shut.
So people, if ur in a course or talk ,please respect people around you.

Hrm.. Summary of BTN..Do love your country. Protect it~

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Unproductive Friday

Things i did today:-
1. Sleep n sleep n sleep(wake up for prayers)
2. Read newspaper
3. Attend Fard'ain class at 8
4. Mingle around with Mounirah at Double A photostate center.
5. Lunch
6. Laundry
7. Watching movie(BTN's movie)
8. Doing statistics...

Haish... i know i can do more than these..but yet, i'm too lazy today
maybe the weather is the factor.. CLoudy and gloomy..

Friday, February 6, 2009

BBQ during CNY

Ask Baba Ali...

Teringat tiba2 kat Surau As Saad...KYUEM. Although x slalu attend. (malas)oopz...
BUt i did miss the place. Especially bile ade activities like ceramah ..Usrah..etc.
Ok, ade this one ceramah yang pakai video je. Ahli MUSCOM pasangkan..Name brother dalam Video itu...BABA ALI.. hur, interesting. Die punye talk agak sempoi tapi best.. Saye suke2. Amik note laa website die, tulis kat dis one paper. Sayang nye ..hilang~

Adoi.. So , agak selalu laa mencari.. dan akhirnye i found it.. Yes..i found it!!!
So nih la website die..
Try laa dengar..Agak menarik esp expression muke die...its attractive. Good way to attact people to listen to what he talk.
Now nih pon, sambil2 typing nih, tgk muke BAba Ali yang tengah berceramah.
just nk share an interesting website with you guys

Jumaat yang indah

Ait.. Busy friday. Got 2 discussion. One on ICT and another is Fardhu ain.
Cannot attend the class tomorrow as i have BTN.. Hanan, be prepared ait.. Ready with the earphone~ Ahakz.(boring things i bet)

Urm.. Well, the ICT assignment is in progress.Good.. At least i don't have to worry much bout it. We ate lunch together(k.Dila, K.Sa, K.Ain and k.Asiah) in the room. HuHUHU
my 1st experience walking with a pregnant friend. Managed to observe something amazing..I can feel the baby's kicking. WOOOWWW~

Her husband is also one of the student here. i saw him last night. Being a moderator of a forum entitled 'Decline and revival of the ummah'. Very meaningful forum. I do hope more Muslim students here can attend dis kind of activities.Just to have muhasabah~.He did it well. I bet her wife who sat beside me that time must be glad to see him.i just called her k.Ngah.She looked at him with a smile on her face( whatz she's thinking eyh?)
Lots of international student attend.. but sad to say... the local aren't that much.. hrm.. should change the attitude here~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I miss u guys!!!!

Saya sangat merindui 9 sekawan KYUEM sekarang ini... Wah...
Tadi tgk2 fb mereka... i really miss u guys ...Sob6:(
Nana, Acap, IZzu ,,Basir, Yaz, Hazim, Hajar, Haikal...Korang, bile nak jumpe???

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Sedang mengalami kebingungan pada diri sendiri sekarang.Fizikal n mental .Minggu ujian n weekend telah diambil untuk tujuan itu..Sangat tidak seronok.

Mengalami sedikitkonflik diri(lagi~~~)
I wanna go home!!!