Tuesday, December 29, 2009

microscope's stress

Its the 2nd session for anatomy lab...
Still,can't adjust my eyes when occupying the microscope.Ouch
Have to rely on right eye to look at the sample.. Huuu.. if i use both... the images were blur. But nevermind, i enjoyed that session.. beautinful tiny things to see. Subhanallah.. you're the best creator~
Just learn 'bout epithelium n connective tissues.. more to come after this~:D

Friday, December 25, 2009

..alien me..

Alright..Here's what i felt after being an 'alien' for quite a time in a community:
1. Things that i did oddly will always get attention
2. Being outspoken might made me isolated by group of people who x agree with me
3. Always be the last one to know everything
4. People ignored me
5. Lost in the crowd
6. I don't get information when people around speak in their mother tongue(i'm an outsider remember)
7. I got 'death stare' whenever i spoke with the mic.
8. I made a clique with others that share the same problem with me
9. Some of them cannot tolerate with differences between us
10. i got to blend with them, no matter i like it or not
11. People smile in front of me.. but back biting me at the back
12. People cannot adapt with my directness

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dude.. manners please~

I might be not that good in religious study..
I might be not graduated from religious school..
I might not understand Islam deeply..
But for sure , i know the limit and attitude as a muslim..
I know the ethics of communication between gender..

I was really mad at this one individual.
Just because of an incidence happened in the class this morning.
One of my friend told me this..
We're required to sign the attendance sheet before we walked out from the class. There was this one guy , who supposed to give the girls the sheet after all the boys had sign it. The girl who wanted to take the sheet from
him, lend her hand to take the sheets from him politely..
Instead of giving it nicely to her, he just threw the papers away , without saying anything...OMG!
What kind of attitude is this?? if he's such a barbaric guy.. i can forgive it.. he might not familiar with ethics and manners.
But i can't accept this kind of attitude as it is coming from university student..
Dude, where's ur 'Adab'?? x u learn it in school when u'r little??
or, x ur parents teach u manners??

Such a shame to have this kind of people here..