Monday, March 24, 2008

Kenape saye disisihkan??

Merenungi luar tingkap kereta usang ayah...
Ramai orang berkumpul..Pintu kubuka..
wah, seronoknye mereka!!!Saya pon nak main juge..
Bila saya hampiri mereka..mereka buat muke..
Mereka tidak hiraukan saya..Bile mereka lari saya pun lari..
Tapi mereka tidak mengendahkan saya langsung, Saya cuba bertegur sapa,
tetapi hampa,
Saye pergi dekat abang.
Abang diam, melihat mereka yang riang bermain,berbual bersama..
Abang lain dari yang lain, die lebih suke menyendiri..
Saya memahami keadaan abang yg boleh dikatakan kurang sempurna berbanding rakan sebayanya.
Abang sudah lama berhenti sekolah.Ayah sibuk membanting tulang menyara kami,
Bagi kami ayahlah bapa, ayahlah ibu.
Ibu kami sudah tiada,
Ayah rancak berborak..kami pula terkulat2 melihat.
Hairan..kenape kami disisihkan??
Apa dosa kami sehingga dipinggir begini rupa..?
kami tidak pernah menyakiti hati mereka..
Ada juga yang menegur kami,tetapi, saye tahu...mereka buat begitu kerana kasihankan kami..
tetapi saya berasa gembira kerana sekurang-kurangnya , kehadiran kami disedari.
Perit sungguh rasanya bila diperlakukan begini.
Mengape kami tidak diberi peluang dan ruang untuk menjadi sebahagian daripada mereka?
Tidak layakkah kami untuk bergaul dan hidup seperti mereka yang sempurna?
Oh Tuhan, tabahkan hati kami menerima dugaanMu ini
Ayah mengajak kami pulang..PIntu kereta ditutup.
Enjin kereta menderu , kami berlalu pergi.,
Saya melambai mereka namun ..lambaian yang diberikan tidak bersambut...



Finally ..i received conditional offer from IC..
And now i've to choose n reply..Urm..another dilemma for me.
Anyway..just came back from Kuala Terengganu,visiting relatives there.
I like the atmosphere there , especially near to the beach. We walked together at the sea shore . Cool because we did it during midnight.The elders discussing bout politics while the 'kids' made a circle at the beach gossiping. Some of us lie down watching the sky..including me.Fun.
Me and Sherry together, share our experiences in the colleges.
Sherry followed us back home and the next day, we sent her back to her college.

Attend Bristol reception on the 23rd March.Met Fara,Angie,Vishnu and Afiq.
The talk was good, i gained the info that i want.
Then, met Mr Strange at KLCC.Main topic politics in KT.Took a lunch then we moved to UK education fair.We met few friends there..AHAhahaa..Went home around 430pm.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Long Silence without a post

OmG~ still with the revision..X hang out with friends dis holiday...Staying home..Study!
Actually got lots of thing to be shared here..but, no time to post it.

Went to KL last weekend ,stayed at Aunt house for 3 days in Seremban..doing nothing there..just reading Shinnosuke's least it helped me to ease my mind.
Not much there...just playing skateboard and watching drift near the stadium..
My dearest cousins weren't there. So, i just took his guitar and out of tune!

Having fun with my family at Timesquare on Saturday..Changing lil bro's spect...watching T-Rex at Imax theatre.Quite enjoyable moment,though having self conflict that day. My other half was there too..and again...what we've planned didn't work. Turned up, having lunch together at Mr Teppanyaki in Lowyat..Ahakz...nevermind.Btw thankz for spending ur precious time with me..and again the problem is time constrain here.LYSM .hehehe

Right, times up. Got to continue doing homework.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Omedeito Gozaimasu krawlxer chan!!!

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah..the most gracious and merciful ...
I'm happy today cause, my sweet lil sister obtain straight 10A's for her SPM.
She got to go back to UNITEN and she's gonna grad from her Intensive Japanese Class sponsored by YPM this Friday.I hope she'll get what she wish for(ambition) and choose her future wisely.
To my dearest sister nicknamed 'Krawlxer' Omedeoito Gozaimase!!
As for me, i've to break both legs to obtain an excellent result for A level~

Monday, March 10, 2008

Chan Keng Pong

In other words, lets "BerChanKeng".
Mainan tradisional Jepun..Orang Melayu kate..Batu Gunting Kertas..
Seronok juge main bende nih..stakat utk release tension n merapatkan ukhuwah sesame manusie.. Ape yg menarik nye game nih..die ade 'lagu' sendiri..orang akan jadi teruja ...betul.. Seronok andai bermain secare berkumpulan.

Care bermain:-
1. Mesti 2 orang(x bley lebih)
2. Kene cepat
3. Masing2 kene cakap wordings die(lagu)
4. Main macam batu gunting kertas
5. Masing masing kene start dengan bagi batu, lepas tu baru boleh buat bende lain.
6. Bile satu pihak kalah, pihak menang akan tunjuk kat satu arah(atas/bawah/kiri/kanan)
pihak yang kalah kene tgk selain dari arah yang dieorang tunjuk.
7. If pihak kalah tadi tgk kat tempat yang ditunjuk..bereerti...die KALAH BETUL!
8. Kalau tidak, bolehlah mereke ber "chan keng pong" sekali lagi..hihihi

Ayat die:-
- Sai syo wa gu (mulakan dengan batu)
- Chan Keng Pong (Mari ber'chan keng')
- Hajime te hoi!(Pandang ke arah sane!)
Dilakukan bile satu pihak kalah..die kene pandang kat tempat selain daripada ape yang ditunjuk oleh pihak yang menang.
- Ai ko desyou (Samekan?)


" u should do this.! u should not!
don't do this!You have to!
Its ur job ! Stop and keep it away from me!"
They are the voices within me(desire and responsibility).They are fighting again.
Oh God , please, stop them before i get mad. Mr Strange is always true.All the things that i'd planned come out with something different.Like what happen right now..My priority is to struggle and study for my ultimate battle dis May,
A home i:-
1. Read comics
2. Playing around
3. Watching TV/movies/PC
4. Lose concentration..
Argh...i'm sick of it.Sick of myself...
Families give me all of their support but still..i'm not in the mood to study..
Ok..thats what i did during 3 days before..Its time to change..I've to score for it ..hehehe
Erm...not feeling so well today,no emotion too...hrm....i hate to be in this stage co everything becomes unproductive, including my movement...Argh...wake up..
"U see, she's losing herself.. Let her be? hahahha"
"Ur such a devil!!.of course, its my job to let her get carried away with her own world"
"C'on girl, u need to study, don't listen to her"
"This is ur time to enjoy..hey...Still have time laa..C'on"
.....................SHUT UP BOTH OF U!............................................................

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home sweet home

Just taken my dinner...still full~ Praise be to Allah for the 'rezeki' He gives..Amen.
At home now.Not so much of changes..but the atmosphere is quite different. Lil sis, mum and dad got fever..Oh nO~
Too lazy to open up academic bookz...prefer watching TV and people inside the house..Maybe i miss these activities so much and wanna get rid of academic life for a while..Its not wrong ait? Homework...Non academic stuffs..families, friends my other half...scattered all over in my mind.Need to rearrange it according to priority.

i'd work with many types of person during occasions that i got involved.Its a bonus for me actually..Gain more experience bout the task given while got to know new and different personalities..Most of 'em were very nice and know their job..All we need is 'chemistry' to make the task given settled successfully.
I'd handover all my responsibility to juniors, hoping they can handle it more efficient than i did.
To all my partner of the responsibility especially who involve in technical and house committee, Thank you so much, and i apologized for all my mistakes during the period given..Nobody's perfect..urm...what else my dearest partner secretary..we did share a lot of similarity.. Both are blur..hehehe, kidding k~
To 'technicians' (Izzu, Rodhi,Acipz,Kelvin n etc..)U guys r really good and supportive.To the real technicians..(college technicians), thank you so much for the guide given.

We're having Student Choice Award on the last Friday, though our beloved mr.H condemn it sarcastically , i believe it was a success though some hiccups on the audio system..At least all of us are happy.To the winners..ur really sporting..

Have to get back to work on physic paper...need lots of practice..K

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wanna go home~

Can't wait for tomorrow...i'll be back home.Dad's gonna fetch me up wit my buddy, Acap.
Hehehe, as usual, bundle of homework given by the teachers..I like that coz it shows that they really care about us. Mr.A especially..n Mr J and mR H and Mr.M
I've to make my own schedule at home coz it must be difficult to study without it..Yeah..i'm scared if get carried away by other things..TV especially...

i've to settle up few thing with few people before i go back.have to use the time preciously~
Urm, Muslim Overseas Camp for KYUEM students will be held somewhere in August, early f the month if i'm not mistaken.Quite n interesting event coz it is not about religious only, it is more on how to live abroad..seriously..i do thing this event will be great. i really hope that all the Muslim colleagues will join it..It benefits all. Do participate in this event..
For further information, i'll post it later.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Sometimes, i'm not being grateful to myself.Always have something that make me unsatisfied.Anything, from self appearance, character, friends, study, n daily life. Why do i have to struggle studying to achieve A's while some of my rivals achieve it easily ? Maybe theyre born genius..ór its their luck..When i think again..look back..i'm glad coz i still have families,n best buddies to support me wether i was down or good anytime..thankz!

Suddenly i remember one of my buddy when i was just a kid..7-9 year old if i'm not mistaken. I called her Neem.She was cute and hyperactive. We always play together..Panjat pokok, bukit, main tembak2..sorok2 , kejar kejar n byk lagi laa. I used to like her.i adore her coz she was cool ..
yeah n we were always together.I moved to new place few years later, but we still keep in touch with each other.We lost contact after i entered boarding school. Few years later i came to visit her. I was shocked to see her condition. She was lost...totally lost, its not Hyperactive n cool Neem that i know. She's like a small child,having a boring and robotic life..doing da same thing over and over again. Her parent was divorced. She did not go to school. i wonder why..all she do is...sitting infront of tv or pc ,watched drama...uh oh..Sad to see her in that condition.Then someone told me that she got 'Slow Learner ' syndrome...OMG!
Her brain is like 6 year old kid although physically she's grown up..Actually it can be treated by training her...but, As she got family prob..She was ignored..Luckily she had a lil sis to handle her..
She got a potential to be one of paralympic athelete but....Now, she still with her own world. I want to help her but who am i to their family...I just pray that she'll be fine. Amen.
When i think of her...i feel glad that i'm normal and i can feel the life and surrounding, know my responsibility although people say that i'm kind of strange person sometimes..

Movie entitled ....a'

Finally i can get a chance to post another laptop is too slow..need to go to cc just to get into the net. Guess i've to make some clean up on it.

Alright..few days ago, i watched in Indonesian movie.Title..i think who read the novel will know it. Something to be said here...i wasn't like i expected.I mean, maybe the actor and actresses were not very into the character.And few of the chapter has being cut..DUh!
Overall..its ok la..
Its quite touching when the wife ask her husband to marry the woman in order to save her and at the same time the husband too.Her husband is being charged due to rape a woman.(OopZ) It was a trap set by the 'innocence girl' to take revenge as the man rejected her..Uh OH..and at the same time,she was scared of her Step FAther who is the real father of her baby inside the womb..OMG
Btw,he manage to save the woman although the next conflict is jealousy between his 2 wives. In the end her 2nd wife died when they're performing solah together..Well , i like this part the most~
The guy is too nice and sincere, quite bored ait..For the woman..i think his second wife is hot..yeah...
Though i've wasted my time watching this movie,i did gain something..release stress of study 24/7.
hahaha, dull life, need something strange to make it spark

Monday, March 3, 2008

Demi Masa...

At last..i can open up this blogger..after long time waiting .HUh~ line is so SLOW!
talking bout time , i wonder, why some people just don't know how to manage their time(including me sometimes) They just take their own 'sweet time ' though they know when is the activity will be held.
Don't they have have any common sense to come early or at least on time.?
hurm...In the end the punctual people have to wait for them as they were the VIP(so-called-VIP)...sigh
its not fair..really..The activity delayed..n our precious time wasted just because of them.
What i've learn t since i was 'little' at the venue at least 5 minutes earlier..not 5-15 minutes later..I bet there is an advertisement in the radio bout it. (
i feel a bit release if the late comers apologized..but they're not..just smile as if nothing happen and they're not wrong.What kind of mentality do they have?it is so annoying.
If they know they are coming least inform the one involved in the event.
The Holy Quran also has touch bout the importance of time..but why some of the followers ignores it?(Al-Asr)

I hope, those who are used to be this unpunctual people(including me..) could change this bad do bring bad impression on our image..Ouch~
If you don't want to wait for people...then, don't make them wait for you...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

c.I.n.T.A aka amoR

Ghissh...i'm wasting my precious time by reading novel and surfing d net though i know i have more important task to do..(just can't resist it)
Hrm..right. A bit unproductive but i manage to upload da housetrip photos ..yeah..and update this blog. Hehehe:P

Alright..i read a novel entitled 'DALAM MIHRAB CINTA' , another work from Habiburrahman Elshirazy if i'm not mistaken. Three short stories inside..just like 'Pudarnya Pesona Cleopatra'..
Urm, the stories give the same moral value..'Love someone because of Allah and the religion'.
Sweet ordinary story for me..Maybe i'm too stone, thats why feel like that.
Learn a lot actually from the stories.

1.We can still love each other though we're far apart.(long distance)
2.If we're meant for each other..we'll be together, insyallah
3.Love doesn't mean we have to give everything to the partner just to show how deep our 'love' is
4.The most powerful love is our love to GOD..i bet in any religion,we must have this.
5. Love is beautiful and blind.
6. Slander is worst than killing..(people will do anything if their love is being rejected)
7.Show the LoVE in HaLAL way~(phm2 sendiri ye)

Ahaha, n more..but i'm just too 'tired' to type it.ngehehee
Uikz..since when i start reading dis kind of novels?? oopZ