Monday, February 25, 2008

House Trip

We went to Tasik Chenderoh, is sumwhere in Sg Siput if i'm not mistaken.The place was nice and cool(for me)..

Day 1:-
We moved around 8.45 am,Saturday morning..i think, we were the 1st to go.Its uncle Devan's school bus.(again)Urm, 2 buses overall..Girls n boys were separated.We watched 'A walk to remember'.1st stop at Tapah.Then, arrived there around 12 sumthing.

After checked in to d chalets, we had our lunch n Zuhur prayer before we moved on to water activity.Pak Long Tompel, his nick name was the trainer.Sengal habes..(so watever~) but we did enjoy it.The activities were Kayaking and Water confidence. I like the water i was so relaxing and challenging at the same time.

Feels like budak kampung mandi sungai..Man!!! Surely i'll miss that moment.
The river was not so bad..Kayak wit Syah Fat.Then,took photos during evening .
Nite time, dinner and a few games such as Musical Chair, Charade,Cap Kalicap..n etc..It was fun when it comes to 'Simbah air+tepung' session..most of us got wet..Especially famous people..

Inside chalet ,we continued playing cards, Victim n killer, Mafia and UNO.

Day 2..
War game and Balloon game..Its fun but in the turn up to be Rugby...OOpz!
i bet some of us cannot take that.
Overall, its enjoyable. I got to know d juniors more n spent my lil time with the comrades
Photo session b4 we continued the journeyto Jusco Ipoh.
We watched movie entitled ...... Not bad for 1st timer.
Slept along the way back..Tiring, of course..

Nite time...i just managed to do 1 further Question then i was asleep.
hehehe, i bet my buddies from other house surely enjoy their time too.