Friday, February 22, 2008

Losing momentum...oh No

After doing some crazy things few months ago...i've decided not to bother my feelings anymore..
Its hard actually...really ignore ur desire to hide ur emotion and etc..As a result....i'm getting blur day by day.Sometimes i fill like i'm alone, though i'm not actually...ayyoo

still coping with my studies.Thank God i began to understand them now..but in a slow mo..
Going for housetrip tomorrow..haven't packing yet.

I'm in da mode of study 1 week ago n now i'm losing it..OMG..OMG hate to face dis..But i'm a human too..need a rest..for a while..but not too much

Well, being blur is a total disaster.
i'm happy to have people who understands me a lot..esp.. mr Poisson distribution n Mr strange n not to forget mr BUddy..they know how to handle me..yeah..

today, the college announced the new Sc for session 08/09..hope they'll play their role well for next sems.