Wednesday, May 28, 2008


X productive...Slept for almost for 3 hours..What happen to my 'study in the RC plan', notes for Further Pure and exercise..?? HUuu!!!

Another 9 to go .. and next week will be the most hectic one.. Everyday have paper and all of em are the heavy one!!! OMG...Help me ...

Yup, as Ustz Pali post in his blog , Friendster did go sewel~. It happened to me just now, sumbody else's profile turn up.Anyway , i managed to get into my homepage, and i saw my very best old friend's comment on me!!!
Different a bit from previous her.But she's pretty.Got to admit it! Her eyes,OMG!

I want to see her...want to meet her and hang out together, chatting bout anything..lunch with her..It have been 3 years!! Yup... She's the one that thought me something about life. i was upset when we're not in the same class and i was busy with school activities until i had no time for myself and her too. But, i was glad she had her new bestfriend that time.Though deep inside , i was very envy with her new soulmate...Huuuu..

Old story but still, i gained something from it.