Friday, May 16, 2008

Today is Friday

Urm..Its 16th of May 2008..
Happy Teachers' Day for teachers in Malaysia....Well i bet the celebration must be happening although teachers have to sing their routine song..Hehehe

I miss my teachers in Secondary school so much esp Mama N, Papa Y, Papa A, Papa K, Papa Z,Papa Ong, Papa J,Mama J, Cik K, Cik M ,Cik Y..make it short..i miss em all !!!
Papa A used to treat us(the CB) pizza in the lab..still remember that.dinner at restaurant somewhere in Larkin..dat time only Miza, Nola n me..2006. in college..preparing for A level dis Monday...huuuuhhhuuu..i've x feeling at all...Gosh...i remembered one of quote from brother A's blog..
"A person wih heart that have no remembrence of Allah could be considered as a Zombie"
p/s: Maybe i have to do some reflection after dis.. Thanx Bro A!

Finnish my assignment for ICT today..Thank more assignment after this.. my college mates ,Good Luck for A level ait~..All the best~
Not to forget, my friends who are taking the same exam out Pakcik..Poo..etc..
Break both legs eh..
X sempat nak buat