Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Dee Dee
At home right now...Firefox3.0 just crashed..
Wah..All becoz of installing YM. Hurm.. i think , i'm not good in handling download stuffs.Always encountered problems...

Btw, my dearest old friend didn't come.So sad..Iman, how could u do this to me~
i've waited for u sis..Nevermind.
Managed to see Dr.F today. i gave dr the thing that she wants..The result , tomorrow maybe

Missed my college mates so much..Well, i'm going back there tomorrow.Hihihi
Tiring and hot day. My mission accomplished( packing things under the stairs)

After this, i'm going to pack things for tomorrow. Bus at 9.00am. Have to sleep early.
And yeah, i'm tired..