Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ok..not much today...
Just nak comment bout service in some restaurant here in M' be specific , my hometown..
Argh..i'm sick of it.

Ait, we went out for dinner at
Order some food..yeah, totally hungry dat time.
So, the problem here is, it was delivered late( i mean the food) ..its just kwey teow tomyam..not a big deal to make it. But,i've to wait about 40 mins to have it served in front of me..

Ayyoh..meraselaa makan yg org lain nye sket2 sementare tunggu food itu sampai..
Not much customer that time..
i'm pissed off when he(the waiter) didn't apologised bout the lateness..
He even smirk at me not gonna eat here again after dis
nih dialog yg kte igt:

me: Adik, lambat nye sampai, org lain dah hbis makan dah ni..
him: xpe kak, biar lambat asal slamat..[he gone away]

What kind of manners is that?? he should apologised and not 'acting funny'.
where's the 'SORRY' word gone??
He acted like it wasn't his fault..I'll give u 0/10 for attitude bro!!

If this is the ur customer being treated..jgn haraplaa bisnes nak maju..


FiSHY@iKe said...

anata! ur tagged!

/M\[^_^]/M\ said...

bump! cer? lame x dengar khabar

Jaemy said...

sangat lame x online.. tepon x de lagi kat umah baru~ isk3