Friday, December 19, 2008

Ayie sayang Amir~

Now nih dekat rumah sepupu..
Sangat seronok dapat bertemu dengan mereka. Yup, kami sememangnya rapat sejak kecil.. Wah~
Mase tengah sarapan, mama panggilkan Ayie untuk makan..He refused..he already took his breakfast early in the morning. We were amazed..Wow~ In my mind, i bet he took bread with choc. But to my surprise, he told us he ate instant fried chicken and a Milo.. Woaaa... Who cooked it for him???

We kept on guessing..hrm..he can't cook, he's only 11. Then..he was Amir.
Amir?? Amir?? seriously?? Hrmm.. Well. He's a good cousin then.. He did care bout his lil cousin so much .. N i bet he did the same to his sisters too.

Amir was asleep upstairs..Hahaha.. i think, i did have great and kind hearted cousins..Always there when we need em~