Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fatin, i need ur help~

Having class full from 8am to 3.30, with lunch break at 1-2.
So far, i can cope with the subjects taken except for Accounting..Yikez!!!
Already attended 3 classes for it and i'm still in blur

..Hrm..Why is this things have to be in Debit? Why it is credits?.. and gurl..Where did u got that amount and make it balance~Difference between stock and inventory??
Uh no...Buka kamus akaun laa lepas nih..

Huhuhu, Lucky to have this cute sis beside me..Miss Fathimah Azzahra..from Indonesia~ Yeah!!!
She's cute in everything..and brilliant too(she x stop talking~)
Called her Fatin.Must ask her to help me after this...
Fatin..Please sis..i do need ur help~
*press her number on the phone*


FiSHY@iKe said...

InsyaAllah, you'll manage dearest, try to ask and obtain info from fatin as much as you could k? Take care! :)