Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i messed up..ouch~

My mind is messed up right now. Might be i haven't take my meal yet.. i mean lunch and dinner.
So, for the 1st 2 days of academic life in this new place..it is very hectic for me.
Try to adapt with the atmosphere here.I bet my weight have gone down to 33..muahahaha..
Searching for the classes, lecturers,friends and etc.
huuuuu...tiring day.

Btw, met acap yesterday.. Bro...ur getting slim..seriously~
We had a quick chat before i left him for class... Sob3:(

Anyway..roommates are kind and cute~ i do hope Hanan will move into my room.
Syifa already in Kuantan, adapting herself right now. Sis , we missed you~

Hurm..have 14 weeks to do the 1st sem. Must struggle this time..yeay~
huuu...tibe2 homesick...nak balik~

*told u my mind is in a mess


rajanurhazirah said...

wait, are you in iium now or what?

sya-shan said...

kamu semua dimana skarang sih.

Jaemy said...

hait..di iium gombak~ zirae kite terpisah lagi~