Monday, December 15, 2008

Sambung belajar

Almost 2 weeks without internet...Ahhhh...
Now, sitting in comp lab in library ...Finally~
Already 6 days in IIU...So far the environment is OK(for me)
Have 2 nice and cute and pretty room mates. Yeay~
Just finnish Languages placement test,Arabic class, here i come. Waiting for the result to be released.
HUrmm.. Tiring week actually.. We ( me n my roommates) always lost searching for faculties and went back to the Mahallah.
Nevermind..enjoy the moment we got lost together.

Alright overall.. i'm very dissappointed with the managemnet of the programme.. Very poor. Seriously. Even the seniors made a comment bout the smoothness of the event.
Just imagine , just Now we got language placement test . The names was put up later. OMG..sangat bersesak2 . Campur pula antara Male and female..


Nazri Awang said...

Teh..good luck kat UIA!!!..


Muhammad Fazdhly bin Abdul Muttalib said...

gud luck teh!!!!

izzu said...

yeay! u got a really nice kickstart..roomates yang cute? hurmmmmm..

Jaemy said...

merci kawan2 ~