Sunday, February 8, 2009


Finnish with the BTN . Just a 1 day session...but yeah, boost up inner patriotic inside( a lil bit). Overall. i think the input is good. N the people who give the speech is very good, they know how to attract the audience.Although there is one session that almost make me dozed off. yet i manage to overcome it by..sms..hhehehe

Hurm.. kind of annoyed with few sisters behind me. I know,the session is boring. but puhhleezzz...Respect the one who's talking in front. U don't have to show up ur boredom by mocking him at the back and talking out loud.. Its annoying..people around u hated it.. Don't be selfish sisters or may i call them 'bitches'. for bitching around, showing they're kind of superb people.(its ANNOYING!!)

Even my friend beside me complaint bout them-she told me she wanna put stapler at their mouth to keep em shut.
So people, if ur in a course or talk ,please respect people around you.

Hrm.. Summary of BTN..Do love your country. Protect it~