Friday, February 6, 2009

Jumaat yang indah

Ait.. Busy friday. Got 2 discussion. One on ICT and another is Fardhu ain.
Cannot attend the class tomorrow as i have BTN.. Hanan, be prepared ait.. Ready with the earphone~ Ahakz.(boring things i bet)

Urm.. Well, the ICT assignment is in progress.Good.. At least i don't have to worry much bout it. We ate lunch together(k.Dila, K.Sa, K.Ain and k.Asiah) in the room. HuHUHU
my 1st experience walking with a pregnant friend. Managed to observe something amazing..I can feel the baby's kicking. WOOOWWW~

Her husband is also one of the student here. i saw him last night. Being a moderator of a forum entitled 'Decline and revival of the ummah'. Very meaningful forum. I do hope more Muslim students here can attend dis kind of activities.Just to have muhasabah~.He did it well. I bet her wife who sat beside me that time must be glad to see him.i just called her k.Ngah.She looked at him with a smile on her face( whatz she's thinking eyh?)
Lots of international student attend.. but sad to say... the local aren't that much.. hrm.. should change the attitude here~