Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crappy camp!!!

Weekends sucks..i mean last weekend.
went back home on Thursday night. Managed to complete 2 out of 3 task targeted.
Got Kiki and Lili on Friday.Hav fun time with my family~

Saturday morning, got SMS from fardh ain instructor telling me that we're having Fardh Ain assesment camp worth 30 % of the final exam. U better go or else, u've to repeat it next sem.. Hurm..wasting time, thinking of that ..just went back ,Reached there by 11 ,TQ to br. Daus for taking me back to campus.

In the morning,we'd to gather at main stairs.just straight to the point now.
Overall , i think that the assesment camp is wasting of time. we can have the same think in the class and definitely won't take a long time(3 days?) can u imagine how suffer it is.. MOC is far more better!!!!

The system is not organised well. The organization apologise us for all the weaknesses but i can't accept it because:-
1. Short notice of it.. Instructor didn't tell us early bout it.Then blame us for not attending,
2. Too much time lag between activities esp during the camp.
3. If there is budget constraint, just do it in campus instead of campside..
4.Insensitive to the international students who attend the camp.(talking in MAlay)
5. Input is good but the way it presented ruin it.
6. Sound system is very poor. Can u imagine ..lecturer hav to give his speech at the riverside talking bout Ghusl.. in front of almost 300 participants w/out mic or inhealer...hahahaha...majority of us don't hear u..again, waste of time.
7. They make it compulsory and it is NOT WORTH IT!!!!
8.During the maulidur rasul event.. i really disagree wit the multiple language of talk given by different UStaz,.(Hey, don't aspect all of us multi language expert)15 mins english, 15 mins arab n 45 mins malay.. Hey !!! Better use 1 single language that can be understand by both locals n international,ENGLISH!
9.We've to sacrifice our time waiting for the VVIP to arrive , just to address the whatever campaign or event held by particular MAhallah. hey, it got nothing to do with Maulidur rasul event.. WTH.I don't mind if it take 5 mins of our time.. but this..its almost half an hour~ very early huh.. don't u know how to respect others time..
TO people who called or considered themselve as VIP or Dato' or important person.. Respect other's time. Come on time and not come late 30 mins then walk like old lady from the market , smiling pretending like nothing happen. U only make people hate u more after this.
10.And to the commity, have a backup plan. Learn the body language of the audience.. don't pretend to be such a fool.
11.Don't ever make the event compulsory without enough preparation.
12.Don't ever use religion excuse to cover up ur weakness(eg. Patience is half of iman- ask audience to stay calm waiting for VVIP to arrive)it is LAME~
13.Do not wait for latecomers . Teach em a bit of discipline(esp the VIP) go on without them.Why do we respect people who don't know how to respect others.??

In conclusion, i am really dissapointed with this camp event. I've to sacrifice my time for more important things compared to this camp for the sake of sum kind of forcing method>:Education institution that is already live for more than 25 years still have 3rd class service? wake up !!! Shame on you esp to the Institution that is just 10 years old.(my previous college).
I wish this kind of camp will never be held in the future. To the people involved.. u really need a major post moterm after this.i'm not being emotional but thats the truth.


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