Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stetoscope and Wave

After almost two sems..studying A-level for engineering..suddenly i lost my spirit on it.

Wonder why.? still have to figure it out..
Looking into da screen, wall, ceiling..then i saw stetoscope, blood, organs and white coat (in my mind)...realized that i am still interested in medical stuff..still watched House MD ,Grey Anatomy,Medical investigation n even reading medical books.Using scientific term in daily life, e.g: H2O, lumbar..etc..

Sumhow..i feel quite regret to choose the course that i'm in now though i can cope wit it n happy wit friends around me.I just love medic...but yeah, when i think of it from various perspective..i just x capable to b a good Dr..esp..when ur having sumkind of Parkinson's symptom since ur born..hahaha(laughing at myself)
Engineering..still in a blurr mood.It is fun ..i know that..but i must develope my interest into it first..by learning the anatomy of da phone perhaps..investigate the symptoms of waves..

Still confused, either to go with da flow or switch into my beloved course.Dear God , please give me sum sign..show me the right way..Amen

The prologue for my 1st topic in my new blog..ahakz..

Hoping this dilemma will be gone A.S.A.P..