Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When Both Fall...

Right..it happened last Sunday..yeah..Sunday Morning(maroon5's song)
Woke up a bit late
cereal 4 breakfast.Atuk is going 4 a physiotheraphy..treating his leg(after fell from a drain at Pj's house)He seems to suffer a lot from it..yeah..he's overwork,
his strength level is just x at his age anymore..but still, he can do heavy work..
Ohh my mighty2 atuk:)
he x even walk..we're worried bout him..help nenek to hang clothes at the ampaian..
she looked pale n weak..night b4,her eyes were watery..i could c it by looking into her eyes..mum n atuk had gone to specialist..later, nenek was totally weak..i was shocked and a bit panick..Luckily Uncle D came n brought her to da nearest clinic..dink donk dink donk, the result..her B.P shoot up to 240..even the dr was shocked to see da pressure..huuu..mum was back n she showed da same react.mum n uncle D went to nearest pharmachy to find her hypertension medicine, while me and aunt S looked after atuk..both made us worry ..
atuk was suffering from Degenerative Disc Stenosis, while nenek, hypertension(pray that she'll never get a stroke, amin)
After having meloxicam, atuk could relax but , he's x able to walk w/out help from sumone..nenek..her B.P was getting lower,alhamdulillah, but still i can sense worried from mama, uncle D and Aunt S.I really hope that atuk will get well soon though we know that it is permanent..impossible to cure it w/out surgery..