Thursday, April 19, 2007

sum crap things

Whut will u do to sum1 that u really care?
do they care u like u care them or just take u for granted??
yeah..asking bout ur conditions..and etc,with beautiful and caring words...
seems like helping but actuAlly, not at all!!!...

Still sumtings is bugging me.though tried to ignore this stupid emotion thingy..huh..
After having laksa with dearest classmates..chatting wit em..Hahaha, i do gain sumting from it..i think from now, i should think like a man..yeah..ignored sumting that wouldn't give u any benefits,
hope..hehee, sumtims,x worth to hope something,work for it , but u x achieve it,..
2 days b-4 , coincidentally wore same color with sum1...including da watch..ayyark..hehe. having breakfast wit dis person and revising math together..kind of cute.muahaha
hrm..yeah..i think i'm in love wit sum1..i love the pathetic..miserable but totally cool..admire him so much..though he's kind of sacarstic person..Dr gregory H.i spent my time wit him 3 hours...watching his work wit his team..kind of theraphy to stabilize both of da souls in me..
Waiting for sumting..looks like...i wouldn't get it...perhaps i'm going to let jaemy control this system after dis..too tired with izyan..poor her..she's high for it but..she just failed..she's too soft hearted and too patience..oh yeah, too good untill u can step her down.
Jaemy, da cold one..heartless...hehehe, i think she should ruled dis system..she's stronger.
kind of pissed off today ..yeah, wit sum1..dis person doesn't know how to work...i think..sumtims i feel like i'm sumkind of 'kuli'..heh, thats y i hate izyan...too good to everyone