Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jaemy owns the HosT

160407..iman's b'day..wished her..
160407=da fight between two soulz might b at da peak.jaemy is winning, the other..seems to get weak
ahakz, suddenly, i'm blank, x more feelings...just a great force named tension torturing me..cried for help, nobody knows..hahaha, hoping for sum1 to rescue me..x there..hahaha
x more hope for izyan-u lose girl..jaemy said..
jaemy owns the host..she changed her a lot including her character,appearance, feelings and thought..academic mind seems to b blur..she's getting worried...exam is around da corner,yet, she just x feel the usual feelings..she's getting weird..wondering about herself and her life..she's lost in her own emotion,x even know who she is..lose control easily..though her friends tried to help her..
all she wants is her spirit back..she hates jaemy but she x resist her..she owns her.though her Dr. x help her.Dr just x understand her .she was totally disappointed.whut she did..played with her blade,act like a tough guy though she's actually vulnarable..act like nothings happens to her in front of her friend and roommates.she prayed to escape from jaemy .lookz like she just x...she slept in sadness, hopeless..