Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm just too lazy to go for tutorial as nothing to be done there, so i skip it..hihihi.. sorry mr.H.
Erm, another 3 month to go for A level.Need to be prepared mentally and so as physical. We've started on past year papers for further maths,revision on Econs and just finished the last topic for physics.Hectic week, yeah..i admit it.

As i got busy with academic stuff..i'd neglected something that is quite important in my life.And i regret it so much.I feel totally guilty with it but i just don't know how to overcome this matter.
Sometimes, being busy with academic make us selfish.(from my point of view). We concentrated too much on study until we ignore people and environment around us.And worst..ignore our own health(skip meal, sleep late etc..)thats me..i think..dull and blur person.

Maybe my daily time table is not efficient enough because i failed to achieve happiness.Yeah.. the term of quality of life, not material well being. i feel empty now..totally empty.
I can laugh and cry with people around but i just don't know why i did that.i envy with the people with full of spirit.seriously. coz i bet i can even hurt myself without feeling pain and guilty right now..Argh..i'm really in the stage of emptiness right now.