Saturday, March 1, 2008

c.I.n.T.A aka amoR

Ghissh...i'm wasting my precious time by reading novel and surfing d net though i know i have more important task to do..(just can't resist it)
Hrm..right. A bit unproductive but i manage to upload da housetrip photos ..yeah..and update this blog. Hehehe:P

Alright..i read a novel entitled 'DALAM MIHRAB CINTA' , another work from Habiburrahman Elshirazy if i'm not mistaken. Three short stories inside..just like 'Pudarnya Pesona Cleopatra'..
Urm, the stories give the same moral value..'Love someone because of Allah and the religion'.
Sweet ordinary story for me..Maybe i'm too stone, thats why feel like that.
Learn a lot actually from the stories.

1.We can still love each other though we're far apart.(long distance)
2.If we're meant for each other..we'll be together, insyallah
3.Love doesn't mean we have to give everything to the partner just to show how deep our 'love' is
4.The most powerful love is our love to GOD..i bet in any religion,we must have this.
5. Love is beautiful and blind.
6. Slander is worst than killing..(people will do anything if their love is being rejected)
7.Show the LoVE in HaLAL way~(phm2 sendiri ye)

Ahaha, n more..but i'm just too 'tired' to type it.ngehehee
Uikz..since when i start reading dis kind of novels?? oopZ