Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Long Silence without a post

OmG~ still with the revision..X hang out with friends dis holiday...Staying home..Study!
Actually got lots of thing to be shared here..but, no time to post it.

Went to KL last weekend ,stayed at Aunt house for 3 days in Seremban..doing nothing there..just reading Shinnosuke's Crayon..at least it helped me to ease my mind.
Not much there...just playing skateboard and watching drift near the stadium..
My dearest cousins weren't there. So, i just took his guitar and play...hahahaha..so out of tune!

Having fun with my family at Timesquare on Saturday..Changing lil bro's spect...watching T-Rex at Imax theatre.Quite enjoyable moment,though having self conflict that day. My other half was there too..and again...what we've planned didn't work. Turned up, having lunch together at Mr Teppanyaki in Lowyat..Ahakz...nevermind.Btw thankz for spending ur precious time with me..and again the problem is time constrain here.LYSM .hehehe

Right, times up. Got to continue doing homework.