Monday, March 24, 2008


Finally ..i received conditional offer from IC..
And now i've to choose n reply..Urm..another dilemma for me.
Anyway..just came back from Kuala Terengganu,visiting relatives there.
I like the atmosphere there , especially near to the beach. We walked together at the sea shore . Cool because we did it during midnight.The elders discussing bout politics while the 'kids' made a circle at the beach gossiping. Some of us lie down watching the sky..including me.Fun.
Me and Sherry together, share our experiences in the colleges.
Sherry followed us back home and the next day, we sent her back to her college.

Attend Bristol reception on the 23rd March.Met Fara,Angie,Vishnu and Afiq.
The talk was good, i gained the info that i want.
Then, met Mr Strange at KLCC.Main topic politics in KT.Took a lunch then we moved to UK education fair.We met few friends there..AHAhahaa..Went home around 430pm.