Friday, May 23, 2008

Unproductive me

Unproductive Friday..enough to say. series marathon: Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles.
9 episode only for season 1.
Nice story . I like the way she protects John, her son. Together with the pretty Cyborg, 'Cameron'.
She's emotionless(cyborg ait..) i 'm alive i need to struggle for the upcoming exam. This Monday..huhuhu..
its someone's birthday.. but i forget who..
Maths paper is just beside me..Need to do it after this..Though honestly i'm more interested in other subject,I have to love this one...Yeah, not all things that we love we'll get. Things that we hate sometimes is the best thing for us..
i guess i'm in that situation.
Cereal for breakfast..huhu..yum2.
Gotta get ready for Physics class...