Monday, June 30, 2008

House work

After almost a week staying at home...n doing all the house work. Now i know how tired my mom is..We don't have maid now, so all the work is done by ourself.
Its not easy ..i tell ya...if u and ur partner are working.+ if u have children.
My experience, its tiring and time consuming. u hav to enjoy the work although it is just d same...Laundry, cooking , tidy up the room., vacuum, throw away d rubbish.
In this case the family must corporate with each other , divide the job. Not just leave the job to only one person.Otherwise, it is not fair.. Seriously.N i bet all the house work is done by almost all the xx chromosome in the world. Maybe the xy chromosomes think its not their job.. Well its wrong and so wrong.The housework should be done together.If we live in the house, we hav the responsibility to take care of it.

Alright have to stop now...continue doing the work undone.