Monday, June 30, 2008


Break for a minute..B4 continuing my work on the clothes..Haish...
Some of the collegemates are off to BTN..Good Luck people.Hope u enjoy ur time there
As for me, stay at some house work, read my new books.Surf d net when i want..
Still this lappy having some problem with Yahoo Messenger..Enche Strange.. i need ur help here~

Wokeh, cut the crap.
Last Saturday, yeah... stayed wit lil sis and bro while dad went to car services while mum outstation..So, we did car wash(they love it !).House cleaning and watching tv. Then, we went to shopping mall,window shopping..n as usual..bookshop was my 1st place to nerd of me..hehehehe. Bookz.

Lunch after playing bowling. Dad was there too.i met few old friends. Ikhwan was there too. Chat for few minutes and off he went with his cousin.
Reached home around 5.

Around 8 sumting..we had guests..Its Umi and her family~ *owhhh~*
i have not seen her quite a long time.Almost 2 month.. huhuhuhu..Then, we had our dinner together outside,near the IIUM medical campus.Muiz looked tired..just recover from the gastroentritis..The seating position were not really good for us to chat..huuuu. Nevermind, at least we had chance to dinner together ait.Wit our family .

Mum reached home at 0045H. Then i' off to sleep.

Shahridhwan's mom passed away the next morning,Al Fatihah to her. may God Bless her.Amen.
Now , i'm reading book entitled Ungu Karmilla.