Sunday, June 22, 2008


I'm in PJ right now, staying with my aunt. Graduation Day was tiring and gonna miss my friends there..Yeah..When we're apart, then only we appreciate them. Btw, my mind is getting haywire .Oh God...worrying sum1's health besides myself..
Unofficial result is out..thanx to k.Teh. I know what to do now.
End of sems dinner..The last moment we gathered together in the college..Cherish it so much,
I cannot upload the pictures right now coz this is not my laptop and i'm too lazy to transfer the data.Ayyo~
Today, we were working on the store at the back of the house..Wahh, so many 'white ant'.
We settled it around 5..yeehaaa!!! We did it..
The last 4 days in college, my activities were:
1. Designing mugs for MOC
2. Spend time with chaletmates and gang
3. Take photos
4. Distributing Yearbook during last sems dinner
5. Lying on the bed, sleeping. not well.
6.Walking alone in the college area.
7. Attending Majlis Wida
8. Packing

Hu,sometimes, i don't understand myself. Why am i being so heartless...And because of my heartlessness, i was being insensitive,and my words DID HURT SUM1..Sorry..i'm really2 sorry.
Because of heartlessness i didn't share the emotion that my friends experienced during Majlis Wida( we're supposed to feel sad to leave our friends). Arghh..

After knowing the unofficial result also i didn't feel a thing. Why is this happen to me?