Sunday, August 31, 2008

1 day after..

Okeh...1 day after merdeka...
agak2 nye, through segala sambutan and rancangan berunsur patriotik kat tv n media bagai.. ape agaknye yang rakyat rasekan ye??

berubah x mentaliti rakyat lepas menyambut kemerdekaan??
Hurm...Lets think about it..
Hopefully , x banyak, sikit pon jadi..if x ,its just a waste of time and money and
Ikt tradisi laa katekan..tiap2 tahun, wajib ade perbarisan...wajib ade show khas utk merdeka.. etc..sumtims, i do feel bored sampai nak buka tv pon sgtlaa malas...
why don't we try to make it different..
Instead of celebrate it hedonismly ..why don't we show our gratitute to God..
Like most of the mosque and school do...
Kenape perlu nk terkinja2 berseronok... berhempas pulas nk berkumpul then buat maksiat..
Semuenye cm mengundang bala...buang duit juge!!
i bet, even religion2 yg ade kat Malaysia ni pon x brape galakkan hedonisme..Bukan sahaje Islam.
Why don't we try to analyse ourselve..Are we really independence??
What can we do as a citizen to help our country??

I think its enough for now..
Ramadhan is here..Lets welcome it by doing ibadah..May Allah bless us and the country..
Lets grab the opportunity that He gives us in this month..and istiqamah with what we did.( i mean ibadah n good deed)

I really hope that the politicians think bout the nation , x for their more fighting and publicity...duhhh , sangat2 menyusahkan rakyat .memalukan M'sia kat mate dunie!!!
(tersampuk semangat rakyat yg prihatin kejap)