Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sniff sniff...Haa...haaa..hrmm....
Oh God, hope this flu won't be long.
This week is a travel week, PJ to Lembah Beringin ,next to UKM ,back home, then again, KL.
Its fine with me .
On the 25th August(Monday) , went to KYUEM together with Iju,Kid,Yaz n Pda..from Rawang we convoyed with Hazim, Acip and Basir.
Nana was already there.
The college had its new face..Now,it has Celcom reload machine..Thats great!!!
My tutor had gone to Ipoh, and Mr Small become the headmaster again..Lucky them(juniors)

We met the teachers..Abg Siva, Mama Ju n Mama Sheila, Papa Highton n Mr Mike, and not to forget my dear Mr Jamaliza.Pn Norain juge and Ms Shree..
As usual, tempat lepak a.k.a cafe
Met Anas and Q at surau.Sempat juge berjemaah~

Iju kate , kerisauan mengatasi kelaparan..well i do agree wit it as he was in the situation that day. Rush to sent Yaz back, me to KTM Shah Alam , switched me with Iq , then sent Muadz , Iq and another group of BNM and TM scholars to BTN sumwhere in Shah Alam.Lastly, pick up her 5.30.

Alright , I missed my 5 o'clock bus..yeay. End up , staying wit Yani sumwhere in UKM Cheras.

26th August
after having breakfast at HUKM cafe wit Ikhwan n Yani, They took me to UKM's resource centre.Hahaha, yup2
merasela aku seludup UKM.Budak2 dok pandang2 aje...Terase cam diva seketike~...Lariiii!!!!
(oopz, terikut pule akak2 LTS nye slang)

Ticket at, hang out at TS and Lowyat. We surveyed MP3 , pendrive ....Tibe2 cam x tau nak beli ape.
Lunch at Ts ,then meredah hujan to hang Tuah station..Missed the monorail.
Thankz to Iju ,Ikwan and Yani coz sudi meredah hujan same2...

Bas rosak...kene tunggu around 1 jam jg laa b4 dpt bas baru..huuu..tiring..really
Muiz picked me home=)) thank u2 ..sayang sama kamu...

27th August
HUhuhuhu .always last minute..applying Local u online..dateline is on 1st Sept...Uh oh
Sgt2 rush 4 everything.

28th August
Going back to KL...send the fom by hand~

Woo..i guess, i'll catch another cold after this..