Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cloudy Tuesday...

Berjaye..berjaye dan berjaye~
succeed to contact Haikal~ Thankz to...(secret)
Wanna meet him whenever we free.. Acap, Nana..come n join us!!

Alright.. have a slight headache today. Quite unproductive as i stayed in the room for too long. Have this updating matrix card event but i don't even bother coz i don't even know when it started..All i know is tommorrow is the dateline... Haish..

Wanna go home to celebrate Ilya's birthday on the 1st March, but this BTN thingy ruined my plan.UUhhh!!!

Fathin might be my roommate for the next sem. ..including Hanan.. Hehehe

I wanna watch Slumdog millionaire.. sounds like interesting as they won 8 out of 10 in Oscar...i guess its worth to watch.

Gotta continue with the assignment on Accounting,ICT and Microeconomics this week...
Lalalalala...So much to be done...as i kept on delaying my work..muahahaha,u deserve it!!


basir said...

yeah!!!! so mcm mna dia skang??