Wednesday, February 25, 2009

'I am'

Having fatigue, i bet due to imbalance diet. I'm not on diet. I mean the type of food i take for meals. I haven't eat rice for 2 days..The sisters in the room called me anak omputih coz i used to eat bread.. Funny ait~

Anyway.. last night i'm having a fun session with the PGG members. We played game'i am..'
We have to draw an object symbolize ourselves and then told em 3 things we hate and likes..

Its good to know their opinion on us.Sometimes they can see us better than ourselve although they don't know us for a long time.

Next we played ...suitable job for me..i named the game coz i don't know the real name. All the member have to choose a suitable job for others..
results.. Majority of em thinks that i'm gonna be a psychologist...hurm....
Am i ????


Alien.Gory said...

Anak mat saleh?
Fuh,mmg psychoLOJIst