Monday, March 2, 2009


Alhamdulillah..Silat demonstration went well. Thankz to enche Nu'man for burn up our spirit again. Enche Khairul is a good actor.. Flying knife incident did made our performance suspense. Luckily it didn't hurt anyone.
i might post d pictures once i'd got it from others.

Anyway, still have MAcro Econs mid term tonight . I bet the questions r tough.
Have a dateline on ICT tomorrow but still undone.

I forgot to wear spectacle today.. SO, i'm having blur vision ..Headache2~~
I x even see what 's the lecturers writing on the board although i'm sitting at the 1st row...Eye sights getting worse
Suddenly i'm thinking of wearing contact lenses..(red color)
Ter'imagine' kura2 tengah merangkak2 di atas meja..(why am i always imagining bout tortoise recently???)
X sabar mahu pulang... mahu pulang ...mahu pulang~~