Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Madam Kamariah~

Right, done with my last class for MAF.
Mdm Kamariah was so calm and inspiring, with the words,
'Don't worry bout ur mid, concentrate on ur final, Insyallah everythings going to be fine' , with her cute chubby face.. Madam, ur just like a baby. Sangat geram, rase nak cubit2 je pipi Ms. Sangat2 chubby..So cute..always make me smile during her class although i admit.. sometimes i dozzed off. Sorry miss , can't help it.. HUhuHu

Hhehehe, Finnished reading 'I am Sultan Alauddin ', by Faisal Tehrani.
Just a simple but full of meaning hidden.About our past history of Malacca. Not like in the text book.Mostly, he wrote on all the Sultan good deed for the country and how cruel were the enemies of him. A lot, Including his own family..So people out there, Don't trust anybody.. like mum always told me..
After this , going to indulge with his next book, Bedar Sukma Bisu.. The award winning novel if i'm not mistaken.. urm, i do think i'm going to be a kipas susah mati of this author.

Last night, after practice, almost all of the members went to Waqec for our supper. Have a chat , watched 3 Abdul. Abg Wan told us bout his interesting experiences.
A really good one,an eye opening for me. Hahaha.He had many friends with different and interesting characters to be analyse.Don't have to talk much bout it. And personally, i think he's a nature guy.. from the way he told us his journey hiking a mountain, waterfall and etc..

Alright, have to be well prepared for my finals.


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