Monday, January 18, 2010

Freak out~

Its MOnday~ No morning class except for Islamic knowledge~
Had Biochemistry test just now~
Managed to answer all..hope can score..amin~

Alhamdulillah, my dad is fine now. Thank you so much for everyone who prayed for him..
Now, he's on diet and have to quit smoking.
we're very grateful to Allah~ AMIN

This afternoon, my friends and i having our lunch in Pharmacy's canteen~
We saw our favourite lecture as usual.. And..
He treated me an ice cream... OMG i was so surprised~ and pleased too... sangat tak sangka..
I bet i have to study a lot on his subject after this..:)

Last night, i was on my way to campus for Hajat prayer. On the way, i heard a knocking sound from behind. 1st it was slow.. then, getting louder and louder at the back.. giving me creep..uuuu:S

Just ignore it.. but it got louder whenever i make a turn...
This morning my mom using the same car.. she heard the same.. louder2.. then, she stopped at the side of the road..Opened up the bonnet.. Guess what she found??
. Its a can of IDEAL MILK..
Duhhh.... the can did freaked me out... Ouch~


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