Monday, January 25, 2010

Visiting hospital

Just came back from K.T, visiting my uncle in hospital..
He was totally different six month ago ... He's really skinny and bed ridden.
He was diagnosed of stage 4 -lung cancer.. The cancer cells were already attacking his throat and kidney by now.. 6 months ago.. we could see a small white mass on his x-ray(upper right lung). The x-ray now is half of the lung is totally damage...:(

What we can do now is to give him a comfort treatment..x use of doing chemo ...he can't take it..and during our short visit,i could see his siblings and his daughter were doing as best as they can to give him comfort
. His daughter was there for almost 24/7. She'd lost her appetite too..She looked sad but she can't expressed it.
Last night , mum told me she read an sms from my aunt, who was there accompanying my uncle n his daughter in the ward.
She saw, my uncle called her daughter.. then, he kissed her forehead..with the energy he got..its a touching moment if we can see it.. although its quite normal.. but,try to be in their shoes,..

We had to go back home as sisters and brother had school the next day.. Mum had work.. dad must rest.
Let us pray , Allah will help him by reducing the pain he gained..
As for us, who is still healthy.. do take care of our health.. avoid things that will destroy u later..


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