Saturday, April 14, 2007

i'm grateful to hav 'em

Whut should i post this time?? P.O.V..story...thought..i x know.. Depends on da falanx to do it.

1 day, when i woke up..suddenly i x walk. my right leg was numb and i felt a major pain at my back, arg, i x walk or stand properly though i've tried .My dearest came to comfort.Lucky to have her by myside.I just rest on bed.That night, my son came and brought us(me n my dearest) to their home.Long journey,and the pain was still there.i wish it will dissappear a.s.a.p.
Next day, we went to hav an 'Urut' session.As he touched my back..i feel like wanna scream as the pain is getting worse.My son's getting panic as he noticed my reaction .We went to Specialist for an x-ray...right after i told them, i've fell several time last month.Result from x-ray, somthing wrong with my spine. Dr told us(my son,daughter and me) that i had Lumbar disc degenerative my disc was injured..n the spine position is abnormal.He gave me several choices to reduce the pain .1st, surgery, 2nd..neuro injection and last physiotheraphy.I choose the last.
I refused to tell my dearest bout my condition .She shouldn't know bout this.
From that day, my son and daughter take turn to bring me to physiotheraphy.They taught me how to deal with the pain.I wish i could be ok soon.Day after day, i'm getting worse, i have to walk with help from others or a cane or something firm as i x put the right leg on a tension.Only God knows the pain i'd suffer.I felt useless..couldn't do anything accept to sit and rest..i x even sleep well.
My dearest,and children including grandchild were too concern bout me.Some of em tried to find alternative medicines to reduce the pain, some find a better cane for me, my dearest, always give me support and b by myside, She wouldn't sleep untill i sleep.She shared the pain i've gained .She treated me well.i saw my daughter in law together with my grandchild, find solutions from internet..I'm grateful to hav them.

I knew that this pain is permanent though they x told me. I refused to get surgery as it will cost them a lot of cash.I act like i'm getting better.i took the pills overdosed..but the pain is worse when the effect of the pill was over..

One night, my daughter from Temerloh together with grandchild from KL came n visit me.I'm so touched and happy to see them. My eyes were watery..tried to keep em in but i x..i'm really touched and grateful to hav such a caring family. sorry for them for causing lots of trouble.They had to sacrifice their time for me.
My cough were getting worse too..especially during midnight, my son and his daughter accompanied me during night time, i prayed that this pain will be over soon .May God bless my family for the good they've done to me.Amen