Saturday, April 14, 2007

Night watch from Kopitiam

Already 0258H,Still x sleep as i've sipped Coffee at kopitiam 3 hours ago.. Few more hours to go n i'll be back in Beringin Ville.
Hrm,Overall i x think dis holiday is productive coz lots of da plan weren't working..Plus, gran
dpa is getting sick suddenly..So worried bout him and granny to , her B.P is unstable, too high n too low...mum n dad were totally busy in both work and for me, fighting with my own self prob..between interest n reality hahaha..Jaemy and Izyan..

Coffee break with dad,uncle d,Aunt S,Bro Ayie n lil bro's at K.kopitiam..Kind of cool to view night life in da town sumtims.Watching Mat n Minah Rempit raced on the road with their Various of style such as ,whilly ,
wi-kang,superman n wateva it is..Police were there, but just watching..there were also people acting as a viewer of da illegal motor race (including me) Love to see them get crashed(OMG..i'm getting sadis)nauzubillah.. actually kind of 'marah' and disappointed wit em.. they risked their life and negative externalities- causing danger to the other road users like us..they gained attention in a wrong way..yeah Hang out wit sis Ily at KP n Truntum ..muahaha, surveying 4 N76..still x in da market.. Lil cousins were in their own world.As for the adults ..including me, worrying grandpa n granny so much.
.Sumtimes..i x be myself...i feel like i'm no me...i tend to b heartless,kind of emo..n sumtims fighting with my own feeling.yeah..battle between interest n reality..Jaemy vs izyan.totally different and even i tend to hate myself lately..Regret for sum wrong decision and action i'd done in past..Hurm..getting to miss my dearest badly..i've waited for her to contact me via or watever stuff..she did 0031H ,15.4.07.. almost 24 H..then off she go..sweet dream dearest..
homeworks..keep them in cerebrum..lalalala
already packed my things..ready to sleep..
ready to log off my brain into sleep mode