Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mathz Day

Its a math day...working out for P1 and still , haven't finnish yet..argh..x achieved target...B patience..i can do math. i love u so much(physcoing myself)..btw, just received Aspire 3680, though it is a bit late..Thank God..Thank you Pa.Using adik's pic in da profile, hope he wouldn't get mad..hehehe, still working out wit dis new aspire3680..
i'm suck in driving today...the engines died 4 times..eew, mum, screamed like seeing a ghost watching me driving(park a car in porch) too fast..she shouted.,sorry mum.watching my dearest grandpa n grandma sleeping in da sofa..cute!
now..both of us have lappy on our laps..ngehehe,i bet , daddy's wastching sum clips from metacafe,
as for me...choosing a programme to b download
my dearest Dr was sick today, Hope he's getting well soon.
3 days to go..
n i'm back to da college life together with Polyethene...lalalala.kind of blurry day