Wednesday, April 11, 2007



whut come across ur mind when this word comes up??

chem? i'll think of my clique in college..

hehehe, its such exciting moment when we all r together,

begins with 6 of us..3 boys n 3 girls including me..

now..almost 9..whoaaa..n'joying each event in da college together..

it is good to have close friends..we can share the joy,pain n almost everything..but we do have to pick the right one..if x..

well...lucky me to hav them, each has their own credibility....

me, i'm x really into da gossip thing. it makes me bored sumtimes

i rather spend my time playing photoshop in my beloved dark room..

haa, kind of close wit izu n basir...yeah, both r my classmates..

for gurlz, nana n hajar, statemate.yaz n hazim n sean- physics time classmate.

i think that i'm da most mediocre in da group.need to work hard n tune my medical mind to sum technical thinker..its totally difficult..

though we're x in da same course..sum taking engineering, sum econs n sum , math.. we do cherish n spend da moment together..fav place .

band room, me n izu, hahaha, i wanna learn lots of thing from him. computing,math, music , 'sengal' stuffs n those technical thingy.we did many sengal things together, esp during technical time in any event we participate.

sumtims..i do share thought wit nana, i think she's da one who understand me most..thankz 4 ur advices for sum case dat i x resolved.

i'm happy to be with polyethene clique..though sum times i'm hurt from sum of em..huhu