Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Talk to myself

hurm...what should i say now...
right, i've wasted my precious time by sleeping, just to get rid of dis stupid stomach ache..i should have done my P1 at this time..but, its just in my dream...
i'm too lazy to do it..x mood..when there's changing in hormone, everything turns to boring..
i'm having scarcity rite now..yeah, my dream is unlimited but the reality showed the opposite..isk3
i'm jealous with sumone..thatz for sure
though i x admit it..but still, my heart is jealous...n my mind too..
sumtimes, i do feel like wanna change my personality...from such a nerd and good girl, to sum kind of independant people with colourful life..
i mean , doing things that i love to..(crazy things i mean)
whut if i'm a boy..whut if i'm a Dr..a pshyco...
but i'm just an ordinary person...hahaha
da result for my dearest grandPa..he has to suffer the stenosis for his lifetime, unless he go for surgery.but there is always a risk..4 days more to go n i'm back to my b-loved college..argh, with exam around da corner..
haven't well prepared..