Monday, March 3, 2008

Demi Masa...

At last..i can open up this blogger..after long time waiting .HUh~ line is so SLOW!
talking bout time , i wonder, why some people just don't know how to manage their time(including me sometimes) They just take their own 'sweet time ' though they know when is the activity will be held.
Don't they have have any common sense to come early or at least on time.?
hurm...In the end the punctual people have to wait for them as they were the VIP(so-called-VIP)...sigh
its not fair..really..The activity delayed..n our precious time wasted just because of them.
What i've learn t since i was 'little' at the venue at least 5 minutes earlier..not 5-15 minutes later..I bet there is an advertisement in the radio bout it. (
i feel a bit release if the late comers apologized..but they're not..just smile as if nothing happen and they're not wrong.What kind of mentality do they have?it is so annoying.
If they know they are coming least inform the one involved in the event.
The Holy Quran also has touch bout the importance of time..but why some of the followers ignores it?(Al-Asr)

I hope, those who are used to be this unpunctual people(including me..) could change this bad do bring bad impression on our image..Ouch~
If you don't want to wait for people...then, don't make them wait for you...