Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Movie entitled ....a'

Finally i can get a chance to post another laptop is too slow..need to go to cc just to get into the net. Guess i've to make some clean up on it.

Alright..few days ago, i watched in Indonesian movie.Title..i think who read the novel will know it. Something to be said here...i wasn't like i expected.I mean, maybe the actor and actresses were not very into the character.And few of the chapter has being cut..DUh!
Overall..its ok la..
Its quite touching when the wife ask her husband to marry the woman in order to save her and at the same time the husband too.Her husband is being charged due to rape a woman.(OopZ) It was a trap set by the 'innocence girl' to take revenge as the man rejected her..Uh OH..and at the same time,she was scared of her Step FAther who is the real father of her baby inside the womb..OMG
Btw,he manage to save the woman although the next conflict is jealousy between his 2 wives. In the end her 2nd wife died when they're performing solah together..Well , i like this part the most~
The guy is too nice and sincere, quite bored ait..For the woman..i think his second wife is hot..yeah...
Though i've wasted my time watching this movie,i did gain something..release stress of study 24/7.
hahaha, dull life, need something strange to make it spark