Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home sweet home

Just taken my dinner...still full~ Praise be to Allah for the 'rezeki' He gives..Amen.
At home now.Not so much of changes..but the atmosphere is quite different. Lil sis, mum and dad got fever..Oh nO~
Too lazy to open up academic bookz...prefer watching TV and people inside the house..Maybe i miss these activities so much and wanna get rid of academic life for a while..Its not wrong ait? Homework...Non academic stuffs..families, friends my other half...scattered all over in my mind.Need to rearrange it according to priority.

i'd work with many types of person during occasions that i got involved.Its a bonus for me actually..Gain more experience bout the task given while got to know new and different personalities..Most of 'em were very nice and know their job..All we need is 'chemistry' to make the task given settled successfully.
I'd handover all my responsibility to juniors, hoping they can handle it more efficient than i did.
To all my partner of the responsibility especially who involve in technical and house committee, Thank you so much, and i apologized for all my mistakes during the period given..Nobody's perfect..urm...what else my dearest partner secretary..we did share a lot of similarity.. Both are blur..hehehe, kidding k~
To 'technicians' (Izzu, Rodhi,Acipz,Kelvin n etc..)U guys r really good and supportive.To the real technicians..(college technicians), thank you so much for the guide given.

We're having Student Choice Award on the last Friday, though our beloved mr.H condemn it sarcastically , i believe it was a success though some hiccups on the audio system..At least all of us are happy.To the winners..ur really sporting..

Have to get back to work on physic paper...need lots of practice..K