Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wanna go home~

Can't wait for tomorrow...i'll be back home.Dad's gonna fetch me up wit my buddy, Acap.
Hehehe, as usual, bundle of homework given by the teachers..I like that coz it shows that they really care about us. Mr.A especially..n Mr J and mR H and Mr.M
I've to make my own schedule at home coz it must be difficult to study without it..Yeah..i'm scared if get carried away by other things..TV especially...

i've to settle up few thing with few people before i go back.have to use the time preciously~
Urm, Muslim Overseas Camp for KYUEM students will be held somewhere in August, early f the month if i'm not mistaken.Quite n interesting event coz it is not about religious only, it is more on how to live abroad..seriously..i do thing this event will be great. i really hope that all the Muslim colleagues will join it..It benefits all. Do participate in this event..
For further information, i'll post it later.