Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Sometimes, i'm not being grateful to myself.Always have something that make me unsatisfied.Anything, from self appearance, character, friends, study, n daily life. Why do i have to struggle studying to achieve A's while some of my rivals achieve it easily ? Maybe theyre born genius..ór its their luck..When i think again..look back..i'm glad coz i still have families,n best buddies to support me wether i was down or good anytime..thankz!

Suddenly i remember one of my buddy when i was just a kid..7-9 year old if i'm not mistaken. I called her Neem.She was cute and hyperactive. We always play together..Panjat pokok, bukit, main tembak2..sorok2 , kejar kejar n byk lagi laa. I used to like her.i adore her coz she was cool ..
yeah n we were always together.I moved to new place few years later, but we still keep in touch with each other.We lost contact after i entered boarding school. Few years later i came to visit her. I was shocked to see her condition. She was lost...totally lost, its not Hyperactive n cool Neem that i know. She's like a small child,having a boring and robotic life..doing da same thing over and over again. Her parent was divorced. She did not go to school. i wonder why..all she do is...sitting infront of tv or pc ,watched drama...uh oh..Sad to see her in that condition.Then someone told me that she got 'Slow Learner ' syndrome...OMG!
Her brain is like 6 year old kid although physically she's grown up..Actually it can be treated by training her...but, As she got family prob..She was ignored..Luckily she had a lil sis to handle her..
She got a potential to be one of paralympic athelete but....Now, she still with her own world. I want to help her but who am i to their family...I just pray that she'll be fine. Amen.
When i think of her...i feel glad that i'm normal and i can feel the life and surrounding, know my responsibility although people say that i'm kind of strange person sometimes..